How to Win Facebook Messenger Football Game – Mind blowing Cheats and Hacks

Facebook Messenger Football Game is one of those games you don’t want to be told about before you engage in game play. There a millions of individuals playing this game and from statistics there are almost 15 million individuals who have fallen in love with this game. When you hear the word “Football” don’t think it’s American Football. It is a soccer game which you can play with your pals who are your Facebook friends. This does a lot in creating greater connections between friends on FB.

Unlike other soccer games, this particular game is different when it comes to play. The idea behind this game is to constantly keep the ball up i.e. the ball must continually be on air. To keep this ball on air, you have to keep dribbling it because when it falls, it’s game over! Now, this is where the problem comes. Players do have a problem keep the ball up so they keep starting over and over again. Don’t panic you going to learn how to win in this game and be ahead of your friends shortly.

How to Win Facebook Messenger Football Game

If you’ve never played this game before and you desire to, kind make your search using the FB search bar. Better still you can open a chat window and click on the Soccer Emoji. Below are the steps for winning this game:

  • First, you must download “Game Killer App” from your Apple Appstore, Google Playstore or Windows store.
  • Then, dribble the ball (Once) and open up the Game Killer App
  • Click “Auto identify” (Be patient until you see the search is done)
  • Click “Unpause” and get back to the game
  • Dribble again (Two times) and repeat the steps above
  • Follow the same sequence with an increase in dribbles

As you keep up with the sequence, click and input the score you desire. Get back to the game and you will see the new score you inputted.

Am sure your friends will be surprised when they see your score.

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