How to Win in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game

How to Win in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game – The Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game is one of the most interesting games in the Facebook Gameroom presently. Am sure you want to win and show other players you are absolutely the best but you don’t know how. The reason for this article is to enlighten you on how you can be boss over all your friends and competitors.

This game is played on a desk which has four parts with different colors. The movement of this game is controlled by two dices and each having the numbers one to six. Having a high value can help you win this game and that is why people are look for cheats to have the value “Six”. These hacks am going to be showing you are brief but if you pay attention to them, they can do you a lot of good in winning your game.

Trick for Selecting Scores in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game

Am sure you are shocked to see that header and yes it is very possible to choose your score in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game. But to do this, you have to use a PC for game play. Here is how it’s done:

  • Open the game on a fresh window
  • Open the DevTool in your PC (make it appear vertically by the side of your screen)
  • Use element tab to search for “instant bundle”
  • Using the Instant Bundle, search for “Facebook Messenger Source”
  • Select “Document Element” (this document allows the DevTool attach your console to the javascript domain)
  • Finally, apply any of these commands “FBInstant.setscore(46)” or “js_FBInstantSetScore(46)”

The Facebook Messenger is found in the “iFrame”.

Also, it is possible for you to get a “Six” almost all the time. For this, follow these steps:

  • Pay rapt attention to the particular angles your opponents rolled from and got “Six”
  • Wait till your dice gets to that angle and roll

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