Insurance Group Number – Health Insurance Group Number

Insurance Group Number – Health Insurance Group Number – Most times, issues have arisen as it has become difficult for people to carefully identify their Insurance Group Number and where it can be found. Mot insured are not even educated as to what truly does a group number mean and how valuables this group numbers are to their various insurance firms. As you go to the University and you are been issued an exact number as most universities within several continents refer to it as Matriculation Number whereas others refer to it as an identification number. As this happens so it is the same with that of an insurance firm; they do theirs in other for there to be ease in the aspect of identification.


There are majorly three numbers given to one once that person becomes an insured full and the numbers are; Member Identification Number, Group Number as well as Dependent’s Identification Number. As an Insured, it is very advisable that you get a knowledge of all these and how it helps in the process of claims. Most time the failure to provide these different numbers to the insured during claim has brought about a lot of turning down of some of the claims due to the fact most of them become unverifiable. Just as the Bank Verification Number is to a Citizen of a country, so is the aspect of Group number, Member Identification Number as well as Dependent’s Identification Number.


Member Identification Number is very Unique to you as this has or it requested to be very confidential and private. In every firm, company or organization; every employee in one way or the other have various codes or identification number, this particular identification number helps you to be verified anywhere you go to take treatment as one who is insured in the aspect of health. This allows the recipient to verify truly if you are insured by that particular company. Most times, these companies that cover you do give your details to the respective hospitals so as they can verify when you walk into the reception hall with a code. For instance, there is a health Insurance Company known as THT, all they do is to provide a private identification member on a plastic Identification Card and require you to take that card that bears your passport to any firm with which they are in partnership with to collect treatment.


The second one is known as Dependent’s Identification Number; this number is most times the same with your personal identification number but it most times has different numbers at the end of the actual identification number. Let us say for example; your ID number is 6578493. Your ID number will be 6578493-000. Your dependents have the same ID number with a different suffix at the end. Usually, it goes down the line from oldest to youngest. Your spouse’s ID number will end in -001; your oldest child will end in -002, and so on. Dependents number has to do with any of your relatives that were possibly registered under you. So the number switches at the end.

The third one has to do with the Group Number; the group number involves a very unique code that is very important more to the company. Everyone from a particular company has the same group number because they are regarded as one house. What differentiates them is their Personal Identification number. This is why some scholars have however argued that the major number in insurance companies mostly that of the health is the Personal and Group.

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