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Join Netflix.Com – Netflix Yearly Subscription – Netflix Plans and Prices Per Year – Netflix is the world’s number one movie streaming media. Netflix was created in the year 1997 by Reed Hastings. Ever since then the growth of Netflix has been on the rise. Its success has indeed grown widespread with a membership size of over 118 million yearly subscribers. On Netflix, you have access to a wide variety of licensed and original Netflix quality movies.

One would think Netflix costs a lot for what they offer and might need to break the bank, but as we would come to see shortly in this post, Netflix is very affordable. It depends on what plan you choose to go for. You are given an option of three plans priced at different price-tags with slightly different features. With the three plans option, you can subscribe to whatever plan is right for your budget.

Netflix Plans and Prices Per Year

Netflix has a total option of three plans. The Basic plan, the Standard plan, and the Premium plan. We shall be having a look at each of these plans and how much they cost yearly.

  • Basic plan. The basic plan is the most affordable plan of the three. In the Basic plan though, you cannot watch a video in HD. Your videos are restricted to only SD video quality. But the SD video quality isn’t a bad option at all, it is still clear, but not just as clear as the HD quality that the other plans offer. You still have access to all videos Netflix has to offer. The monthly plan goes for $9 per month and $108 per year.
  • Standard plan. The standard plan is the next in line in terms of pricing. In the standard plan, you have access to stream your videos in HD. You also have the option of sharing your subscription with someone else if you choose to. A maximum of two people can share your account. This feature is not available in the basic plan. The standard plan is priced at $13 per month and $156 per year.
  • Premium plan. And finally, we have the Premium plan, the best amongst the three plans. You can stream your videos in HD and also in 4K video quality when available. You are offered a maximum of 4 users per account. Premium members enjoy the best Netflix has to offer. It is priced at $16 per month and $192 per year.

So now you have ample information about the cost of Netflix monthly as well as yearly. This information would help guide your decision in which plan to subscribe to. And as you can concur, Netflix is fairly affordable.

How to Join Netflix

Here I show you the easy steps it takes to begin streaming videos on Netflix and becoming a Netflix member.

  • Visit the Netflix website. You have to visit the Netflix website at or you could download the Netflix mobile app on your smartphone as well.
  • Sign up. Locate and click on sign up.
  • Fill the form. Upon signing up, you’ll be provided an easy to fill form, requesting your email address and payment details. Fill the form as given.

And that’s it. Once done with the steps you can begin streaming any video of your choice. Also, you get a one-month free trial for new members for any plan after the registration has been completed. So, there you have it, you can start streaming quality Netflix videos today.

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