LOVE CALCULATOR – Calculator of Love – DETERMINE YOUR LOVE PERCENTAGE – Curious to know love compatibility with your partner? Want to know whether your relationship will work out or not? What are the chances of a successful relationship with your partner? If these questions are taking a toll on you, then just try our love calculator and get an immediate answer. Click here to know your love percentage





What does your Love Percentage Score indicate?

0-40 Percent –  You two are totally opposite like North and South Pole; hence, have no compatibility at all. But as a dialogue from a famous Hollywood movie says, hope is a good thing… maybe the best of things, you can still give yourself a try and proceed.

40-60 Percent- Your compatibility score is not that bad. It just means that you will need to put a bit more effort to begin your love journey and make your relationship work out.

60-80 Percent- You are in luck because you two have so much in common. Go and ask your partner for a date to know if he/she also feel the same.

80-90 Percent- It seems the stars are in your favor. Make the most of this opportunity and put your best foot forward to impress your partner to walk hand-in-hand on this beautiful journey called love.

90+ Percent-  Woohoo! You two are perfect for each other! Take a step forward and express your feelings to your partner.

The above-mentioned information is based completely on the research our team of professionals has conducted online. This has nothing to do with the facts. If you are still single and seeking an online dating partner, we recommend you to try Elders Dating. Registration, Chatting, Dating everything is free of cost on EldersDating.


Make the right move with our Online Dating Calculator

Have a crush on your colleague or classmate or someone you met at a party at your friend’s place last night? Before you pluck up your courage to ask your potential partner for a date, how about knowing whether he/she will be compatible with you or not? It’s a great idea! Isn’t it?

Well, our Dating Calculator will do this job for you. Calculate your compatibility score right away!


How to use the Calculator of Love?

Well, it’s not rocket science. All you have to do is to type your name and your partner’s name in the calculator and hit the Calculate button. It will show you the Love Score or love percentage as quick as a wink. Depending on the compatibility calculated by our free Love Tester, your score will be from 0% to 100%, where 0% indicates no compatibility and 100% as full compatibility. You can also read some online dating tips to increase your matchmaking chances.


How does our Dating Calculator work?

Our code addicts have developed a specialized Love meter algorithm to make this calculator work. The algorithm further includes several parameters of love, romance, and relationship to find out whether the entered names are a match for each other or not.

Once you provide the names and move ahead for calculating your Love Score, the algorithm finds out the number of parameters that are common in both. Based on that, it shows you the percentage in the calculator results.

Please note that the love score using this Love Calculator or Dating Calculator is just to provide you an idea of the compatibility. As they say, “Your heart may be on your left, but it is always right. So, it would be good to listen to the voice of your heart, believe your instincts, and pay attention to your gut feeling, and proceed to your love journey accordingly. 

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