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Marketplace On FB Near Me – Facebook Buy And Sell | Facebook Group Buy And Sell – Facebook Buy And Sell? Oh yes, it is a thing on the platform now. We can all attest to this very interesting platform called Facebook that it is no longer a place to just chat and reach out to loved ones. Yes, Facebook has grown and one can do a Facebook Buy And Sell on the platform. Can one really buy and sell on Facebook? You may wonder. Right on Facebook, you can buy and sell and this article would teach you how it works, how to buy, and how to sell in the Facebook groups. Come on, let’s get started.

Facebook Buy And Sell

Since its creation, Facebook has always found a way to create convenient platforms to accommodate everyone. Knowing that a lot of people are beginning to harness the potency on online shops and online trading, Facebook in this regard has created a Facebook Buy and Sell where just about anyone can buy and sell on the platform.

This service being offered by Facebook is totally free can be done on your Facebook account. Using the Facebook Buy And Sell gives you a greater customer base and target because of the millions of Facebook users daily.

With the Facebook Buy And Sell you get to discover products and services for sale in your local area through the Facebook marketplace and you can also post your products and services for customers to see and buy.

Facebook Buy And Sell Group

Facebook Buy And Sell

The Facebook Buy And Sell group is created on the Facebook platform the same way you would create any other Facebook. The Facebook Buy And Sell Group is very similar to the regular Facebook group. The difference between both groups is the intent and purpose of creation.

How To Create Facebook Buy And Sell Group

Just the way you make updates and post information in your regular group, the same way on the Facebook Buy And Sell Group, you get to post your products and services and give out information on the products and services you render. To create a Facebook Buy And Sell Group follow these steps;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the “+” on the Facebook home screen page and tap or click on it.
  • On the drop-down menu, locate, select, and click on “Group”. The “Create New Group” page would be displayed.
  • Enter the name you would want to call your Facebook Buy And Sell Group.
  • Choose your privacy. You can either set it on “Public” and “Private”.
  • Choose friends you want to add to the group. You are free to add as many friends as you want in tot the group.
  • Select “Create” when you are done to create the group.
  • Open the group and go to the publisher defaults.
  • Change the default setting from “Starting a conversation” to “sell something”

With these steps, you would be able to create your very own Facebook Buy And Sell group and can start posting your products and services on the group for the members and others to see.

How To Join Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

To join Facebook Buy And Sell groups are quite easy. You can join a Facebook Buy And Sell group through invite or requesting to join by yourself. If you were invited to join, just go to the invite notification and click on it. to join a Facebook Buy And Sell group follow these steps;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Facebook search and enter the name of the Facebook Buy And Sell group.
  • Click on the search icon. The results for the name would be displayed.
  • Search and locate for the group you want. You can narrow down the list of displayed results by clicking on groups above the result so only the group’s results would be displayed.
  • Once you locate the group you want, click on it to open.
  • Then click on “Join”.

You would be added to the group automatically and would start to get updates notifications. Private groups may require answers to their group questions before you would be granted approval by the group admins to join.

How To Sell On Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

Selling on the Facebook Buy And Sell Group platform is quite simple and easy. All that is needed is for you to post the listing of your products and services with a good description for easy understanding to your buyers and then post. However, to sell on Facebook Buy And Sell groups, the steps involved are;

  • Go to your Facebook Buy And Sell group.
  • Click on the publisher. It is a little text under the group cover photo.
  • When the sell something box opens, explains the items you are selling on the “What You Are Selling Option”. This is limited to 100 characters.
  • Add the price of what you are selling, the location, and the description and photos of the products and services you offer to buyers.
  • Add the necessary information and then click on the blue “Post” icon to post your listings.

Your products would be displayed on the group alongside all the information you have inserted with them.

How To Buy On Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

To buy on the Facebook Buy And Sell groups, you have to locate the group and search for items you wish to purchase. The steps involved are;

  • Go to the group you want to buy from.
  • You can easily see a preview of the products on sale under the publisher. You can also click on the “ITEMS FOR SALE” link on the left-hand menu as this would display items that are currently up for sale in the group.
  • Also, you can also scroll down the page to check out the recent listings.
  • You can pick out a product and ask for the price and location in the comment section of that post if this information are not readily available. The seller could get back you on the comment or message you directly in your inbox.
  • If you do not want to go through the comment section and want a little privacy, you can click on the “MESSAGE SELLER” icon.

By doing this, you get to chat with the seller directly and make your negotiations and bargains. Now you see how easy it is to operate the Facebook Buy And Sell on Facebook. It is actually easier than it looks.

Facebook Buy And Sell Near me

The Facebook platform has been designed to always put those around you first for you to see. The same techniques are applied to the Facebook Buy And Sell. In the Facebook buy and sell, mostly those near you would pop up on your feeds and search results first. This gives you an idea of the Facebook Buy And Sell near you where you would want to buy from. This strategy is also applied to the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Buy And Sell Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a platform available for both sellers and buyers to trade on Facebook. The platform is just like the usual marketplace, just that it is done online. This online market has different shops where different sellers are located.

The link to the Facebook marketplace is the shop sign in front of the Facebook menu icon on your account home screen page. Over time, the Facebook marketplace has been improved and become well organized. Items are now being properly categorized and buyers find it easier to buy from several sellers.

How To Sell On FB Marketplace

Since the Facebook marketplace is effective, you as a seller might as well take your products out there to sell. Here, I will tell you How to Sell on FB Marketplace. Follow me closely. The steps to follow on How to Sell on FB Marketplace are listed out below;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “Shop” icon on your Facebook home screen.
  • Proceed to join the platform to get your own Facebook marketplace page if you have not.
  • On your Facebook marketplace page, click on the “SELL” option.
  • Select the items you want to from your camera roll. You can add as many pictures as you like but make sure they are clear so customers can easily see them.
  • On the “WHAT ARE YOU SELLING” page, caption, or label the items you are selling by entering a title, for the product or service you offer to your target customers. This has just 100 characters.
  • Click on the “NEXT” icon.
  • Describe the product and then click on “NEXT”.
  • Set the price for the products which is usually displayed in your local currency. This can be changed later if you want.
  • Enter your Zip code. This is needed to help identify your general location and display your products to locations close to you.
  • Choose the category your products fit in to on the list provided by Facebook.

After having completed these steps accurately, your products will be made visible for people in your location to find on the marketplace. Under your “YOUR ITEM” option, you get to manage your products and also get notifications from interested buyers. You get to close deals on the Facebook messenger where you get to receive messages from interested buyers.

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