Microsoft SQL Server – Microsoft SQL Server Download | What is Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server – Microsoft SQL Server Download | What is Microsoft SQL Server – Before diving into the analysis of the Microsoft SQL Server, we need to understand SQL which is the main language in charge of controlling the data in the relational database management system (RDBMS) or for running stream processing in Relational Data Stream Management System (RDSMS). It operates the most popular database engine like SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that is also known as RDBMS of which its main function is to store and collects data based on the request made by the application. It is been developed by Microsoft itself and it could be operated on Linux OS, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Windows. It is written in C++ and C programming language and available in most common languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German and much more.

Features of Microsoft SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server has spectacular features that enhance its performances. Microsoft SQL Server is readily available in numerous editions having its own specific features. Based on its build-up, all operations performed on the SQL Server are been communicated through a specific Microsoft format which is known as Tabular Data Stream (TDS).

On the recent Microsoft SQL Server, the columnstore has been improved in a better way. It has a nice Metadata memory management and also a lower memory path which can be used for columnstore tables. In addition, it has better maintenance than the previous one with a super enhancement in the large loading to the columnstore indexes.

Do you know you can install certificates for AG as from the primary replica? Apart from that, you can go through the certificate operated by Microsoft SQL Server and also validate it. It gives an account of the expiration date of the certificate which should be of very good help. It is also confirmed that the certificate management is incorporated into the SQL Server configuration manager.

Moreover, the Microsoft SQL Server aids assistance for the UTF-8-character encoding, therefore increasing data performance and compatibility. Due to this specific feature, you can design char columns to store UTF-8 data.

The MS SQL Server also has enhanced security features that have to deal with data encryption and also communication security between the database servers and SQL Server clients. With the improved security features, one does not need to decrypt before updating encrypted data. More so, you can hide vital data from the user unless administrative permission.

How to Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server on your Windows

Installing the Microsoft SQL Server is free. This server has been functioning for about 3 decades and more versions have been released with improved features Making it so reliable. You can download and install the MS SQL Server easily following these rules:

  • Open your browser on your windows
  • Copy this download link ( on your browser search bar.
  • Click on Run to start the download.
  • Click Yes to start the installation.
  • Click on I Agree on their terms and conditions so you can begin the installation wizard.

You should note that on the Server Configuration, ensure you toggle the SQL Server Browser to Automatic. More so, on the section labeled Database Engine Configuration, chooseΒ Mixed Mode for authentication, and enter a strong password for your SQL Server installation.

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