Miss Africa 2019 – Aim of Miss Africa | When is Miss Africa 2019 | Objectives of Miss Africa

Miss Africa 2019 – Aim of Miss Africa | When is Miss Africa 2019 | Objectives of Miss Africa – Miss Africa Calabar is one of the beauty pageants that were established in recent times. It is usually organized by the Executive Governor of Calabar State, the person of Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade. It is always done to make the annual Christmas Festival and Calabar Festival to be more interesting. It is organized to empower young women and give them a voice through beauty competition.

The 4th Edition is slated for the 27th of December 2019 at the Calabar International Convention Centre, Cross River State, Nigeria. Over 30 African Beauties and Brains across Africa are going to be hosted, with the Carnival theme; β€œHUMANITY”. This is to tell mankind that every human being has a right to life, in respective of Race, skin color or continent.

Ladies having the qualifications stated like, the age, height, are allowed to register and participate in this contest designed for women in Africa. The Contestants would be camped for 3weeks where they will be mentored and taught how to speak, walk and behave respectively, becoming a voice and face of positive change across communities. The grand finale will see the 4th Miss Africa Queen crowned. She will lead other contestants in campaigning to make the world a better place for humanity by promoting Africa Positively to the world at large. She will also embark on a project that will encourage and empower women to come out and participate in contests and leadership positions or establishing a charity organization.

The event will be aired Live on DSTV and will also have a daily show on YouTube and social media to enable fans to follow their favorites and vote to keep them in the show.

Aim of Miss Africa

Africanisms refers to characteristics of African culture that can be traced through societal practices and institutions of the African diaspora. Throughout history, the dispersed descendants of African people have displayed many forms of cultural retention of their African ancestry. Also, common throughout history is the misunderstanding of these remittances and their meanings, hence, this edition is created to change the narrative of the African history and the rich cultural heritage.


The Pageant Contestants will display true Africanism using their country’s indigenous cultural heritage to tell the true stories of their heritage, mineral resources, human capacities, and tourism and investment opportunities in their country and how it will benefit Africa for Africans at large. This edition also aimed at uniting African communities and the leadership of our great Motherland in the battle against hatred, poverty, self-enslavement, xenophobic, corruption and all the issues that make us less human to the rest of the world.

Also, not forgetting to take on the message of Climate change, creating awareness on the negative effect it’s possessing on the motherland, how it is reshaping human civilization. How we respond will determine the future of the human race. Our food system, our economies, our cities, and communities are all adapting to climate change globally. The fate of our planet we call home is uncertain and it is in our interest to come together and address the challenges we face. Such challenges include climate stability, storm and erosion prevention, access to fresh drinking water, food security and also addressing the issues of sole dependence on fossil fuels, vulnerable coast, deforestation, Land use, and insufficient funding.

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