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MongoDB Review – Features of MongoDB | MongoDB for Giant Ideas – SQL being a programming language for programming and organizing data detained in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), or for processing of stream in the Relational Data Stream Management System (RDSMS) have an alternative such as NoSQL database which is a relative model. Furthermore, MongoDB which is also categorized as a NoSQL database program has a lot of roles to play in the database system.

C is a document-oriented database that doesn’t converse with the database in SQL, thus, making it a NoSQL database. Its developer which is known as MongoDB Inc. released this document-oriented database system about a decade ago and still operating. It is written in JavaScript, Python, Go, and C++ programming language. It can operated on the Linux OS, Windows Vista and above, FreeBSD, OS X 10.7 and higher versions, and also Solaris.

MongoDB Review β”‚ Features of MongoDB

MongoDB has a lot of features available. It can accumulate data like JSON document which differs in arrangement. On this remarkable model, you can design records exclusive of defining the structure initially and also the structure of the document can be changed easily. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg because below are the features MongoDB has to offer:

  • Duplication availability
  • Highly supportive of Ad hoc queries
  • It can be used for multiple document acid transactions.
  • It executes JavaScript
  • It supports capped collections
  • Has a reliable file storage
  • It has an aggregation framework

You should note that MongoDB isn’t suitable for analytical contents due to the fact that there are few third-party analytic tools that query and records data stored in MongoDB.

Duplication Availability

There are primary and secondary duplicates. It offers extraordinary availability with sets been duplicated, for the primary duplicate, all writes and reads are been performed in it. In contrast, secondary duplicates uphold a model of the data of the primary. There is always a secondary duplicate that can replace the primary if it fails.

Ad hoc Query

The MongoDB is very supportive of ad hoc queries like range query. Queries possess functions of JavaScript and can also return definite fields of documents. It can also be built up to provide any given sample of results of a particular volume.

Multiple Document Acid Transactions

With MongoDB, you can include acid transactions in a different application. Based on this feature, you can start, commit or abort any transaction depending on your command. Moreover, the transfer of funds between different bank accounts can also be made. It also helps in the billing, supply chain, and trading system. MongoDB is distinguished for transaction stuff where expertise is a main priority.

Good File Storage

MongoDB has an effective file storage system such as GridFS. GridFS is a file system embedded in the database system which helps in the storability of data and it can be logged onto via Mongofiles utility or plugins. Based on this feature, one can store arrays, documentations, and more compound structures without difficulty.

Aggregation Framework

The framework of aggregation facilitates its users to acquire the results used by the SQL group. There are ways in which the aggregation can be made which are single-purpose aggregation, map-reduced function, and the aggregation pipeline method. Nonetheless, the best is the aggregation pipeline which delivers a high-quality performance for its operation.

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