New Instagram Update – How to Update Instagram App

New Instagram Update – How to Update Instagram App – Mobile device users believe that the Instagram platform is one of the best social media in the world today. This is because when it comes to sharing videos and pictures in a social manner. The Instagram platform is top-notch in this field. This is as a result of the hard works its owners put into making it enjoyable for its users. With Instagram update, users get to benefit or enjoy its latest services.

An Instagram update is a process or procedure a user carries out on the Instagram app on their mobile device. This allows users to be able to access the latest features and services the Instagram app offers at that point in time. Users that want to know how they reach out to the new Instagram update on their device have come to the right place for details.

Types Of Instagram Update

There are different ways in which a user can update Instagram. Updating Instagram depends on the device the user is using. Users can do this the Instagram app on their mobile device and also on the Instagram web. Instagram offers the service on both of these mediums. The steps or procedure a user have to follow to update the Instagram app differs from that on the Instagram web.

The Instagram web update process is different in the sense that users do not need to download anything. While the other one requires a download process. So it depends on the means a user is using to access their Instagram account. There are only two ways users can use to access their account which includes Instagram web and Instagram app. This article contains how users can update Instagram in both places.

How to Update Instagram App

Updating the Instagram app can be carried out in both Android, iOS and Windows devices. To make this possible the user needs to ensure they have the Instagram app installed on their device. Once this is in place the user can update the app with the following steps.

The following steps are valid for Android device users,

  1. Connect the device to an active internet.
  2. Open the app store on your device.
  3. Tap the menu tab at the homepage.
  4. Click on My apps and games.
  5. Find and click on the Instagram app from the apps shown to you.
  6. Click on update.

The Instagram app will begin to update on the user’s Android device after the above steps. iOS device users can complete the process on their Instagram app with the following steps.

  1. Connect the device to the internet.
  2. Open the device’s app store.
  3. Select updates from the homepage.
  4. Click the update button beside the Instagram app.

Users with an iOS device can always update their Ig app with the above steps. Once the user completes the Instagram update process they will be able to access the latest services and features on the Instagram app. SO all the user needs to do is simply carry out the Instagram login process to access the services.

Instagram Update Via Instagram Account

Users can also carry out the Instagram update process by simply refreshing the homepage after they login to their Instagram account. This process gives users the latest uploads of their followers and friends. This is a very easy way of updating Instagram and is possible as long as the user login to their Instagram account. Users can do this both in the Instagram web and Instagram app.

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