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Opera GX – Opera GX Review | Opera GX Features | Is Opera GX Good – Opera GX is a one of a kind browser designed in particular for gamers. The first of its kind, this gaming browser hands over a design intensely rooted in gaming esthetics, presenting features aimed at giving a boost to a user’s experience while playing games on their PCs.

Opera GX’s design is strongly influenced by numerous gaming hardware and peripherals. Razer Chroma, in particular, seems to be a huge encouragement. Opera GX did not only adopt its design, but it also involved Razer Chroma support, letting its users regulate their Razer Chroma lights via the browser. Opera GX is also designed with sound effects that were created by Rubén Rincón and the band Berlinist, both of whom worked on the highly praised game GRIS. The sound effects play when users drift over games in the GX Corner or use the GX Control.

The Gaming Features

Opera GX is accessible for both 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms. Taking into consideration that the browser is built on Chromium, users can install Chrome extensions with no problem at all. The GX Control stated above is without doubt Opera GX’s most beneficial feature for gamers.  Opera GX was created to grant users access to play games while the browser stayed open in the background. GX Control allows users to constraint the amount of resources Opera GX can utilize while it is on use. Users can assign a small percentage of RAM and CPU to Opera GX to assure better gaming knowledge. The browser was also designed with Twitch integration, allowing its users to keep track of channels they follow with more expediency.

Regardless of its name as a gaming browser and its one of a kind GX Control feature, Opera GX does not accurately affect or advance a game’s performance. Instead, its main selling point is that users can constraint the machine resources that meddle with gameplay. However, its exquisite design and other gaming features make it a sight to see, even for people who don’t really play games.

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