PayPal on Amazon – Using PayPal to buy Amazon gift cards | Other compatible Modes of Payment on Amazon

PayPal on Amazon – Using PayPal to buy Amazon gift cards | Other compatible Modes of Payment on Amazon – PayPal on Amazon -When it comes to the world of eCommerce, Amazon is a James that needs little to no introduction. Amazon is regarded as one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world, where almost anything is being sold at relatively competitive prices to its contemporaries. Being a very large online and traditional store, there are many modes of making payments when buying from Amazon, and questions have been raised by concerned individuals asking if PayPal is a compatible mode of payment on Amazon.

Before we delve into the compatibility of PayPal on Amazon, let’s take a moment to look into PayPal and what it entails. PayPal is an online service that facilitates payments and transactions done online and to set up a merchant account. Most people that frequently engage in online transactions use their PayPal account to send and receive money as it is very convenient and involves no stress to set up.

While Amazon may be regarded as the biggest commercial store in the world, PayPal may also be regarded as one of the most recognized payment platforms on the Internet, that being said, as to the question if PayPal is compatible with Amazon, the answer is NO, and this is so because Amazon has its own mode of payment whenever transactions involving buying is being done on the site.

Other compatible Modes of Payment on Amazon

Amazon has many modes of payment on the network some of the following are the compatible mode of payments on Amazon:

•             Visa

•             Union pay

•             Delta

•             Euro card

•             Master card

•             American Express

•             Amazon gift card

•             Amazon store card

These amongst many, are suitable for making transactions on Amazon without having issues, their mode of payment is covered by Amazon payment policy and the safety of your money is guaranteed at any point in time, should anything go wrong during the course of a transaction.

Using PayPal to buy Amazon gift cards

Well, this is one indirect way to use PayPal on Amazon. Amazon offers gift cards as a payment method, these gift cards can be used to purchase an item on Amazon for the worth of the card, using your PayPal account to purchase Amazon gift cards is one way of using your PayPal account to perform an Amazon-related transaction.

These Amazon gift cards are sold on Amazon website and they can also be bought on third party websites; these third-party websites offer PayPal as a method of payment, meaning you can actually pay for an Amazon gift card using PayPal

It is, however, noteworthy to bring to the attention of readers that some of these third-party websites may be fake as there are scams everywhere on the Internet, so it’s important for readers to make proper research on third party websites before going ahead to pay for gift cards using PayPal.

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