Play Facebook Messenger Guess the Icon Game – Messenger Guess the Icon Hack and Cheat

Play Facebook Messenger Guess the Icon Game – Messenger Guess the Icon Hack and Cheat – Facebook Messenger Guess the Icon Game is one amazing game lots of Facebook users are now playing. It has over 198 thousand players. I would say that this game can help boost your intellectual capability to recognize things. There are lots and lots of icons in the world and these are icons about lots of things. In this game, you can play alone or invite your friends for a challenge to see who best recognize things.

Guess the Icon game is a quiz game which presents player with different icons and expect them to answer currently. You are given four options and the moment you fail to answer currently, it’s the end of the game for you.


Rules in Facebook Messenger Guess the Icon Game

The rules of the game are very simple. In this game you are given 10 seconds to answer every question as regards and icon presented to you. You have four options to pick from and out of these 4 options one is the current name of the icon. You have just 10 seconds to think through so it implies you have to be smart at all times.  There are several kinds of icons in this game and these icons are:

  • Company icons
  • Brand icons
  • Movie icons
  • Animation icons
  • Celebrity icons
  • Political icons

And a whole lot of them


Cheat for Winning Guess the Icon Game

The trick for winning this particular game is pretty simple. As said earlier, the game allows challenges with friends so to win you have to be smart. Not being smart enough isn’t a problem because I know what can complement for it.

Before you start playing, look for people around you who are as smart as you or smarter than you. The number of persons doesn’t matter because it will contribute to your success. There is a 90% probability that once you don’t know the answer to a question asked, the person or people around you would. So don’t play alone.

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