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Portfolio Yahoo Finance – Yahoo Finance Portfolio | Yahoo Com Finance My Portfolio – Yahoo over the years has continued to offer services that have made lifestyle easier for its users, which of course is the primary aim of technology. Yahoo Finance Portfolio is a Toolkit on the Yahoo Finance Network. The Yahoo Finance network was created as a tool to help investors track their stocks, whether actual or fantasy. It is also one of the best apps for free stocks, news, and updates on the stock market.

The Market Data feature of the Yahoo Finance network gives you several options of asset types to make a selection from. It ranges from Bonds, Mutual Fund options to stocks, commodities, currencies, and Calendars while providing you with useful updates in all these fields.

You can also add the number of shares you’ve purchased, also their prices while creating your investment portfolio on the finance network, to help you monitor them easily. If you would like to create a Yahoo Finance Portfolio, these are the steps to take.

  • Create A Yahoo Finance Account; If you’re going to use your computer, then you can go to the Yahoo Finance website to create an account, although for better tracking and to make sure you receive updates promptly, you can download the Yahoo Finance App from the Google Play Store. After downloading the App, you can then Sign in.
  • Sign in to Yahoo Finance from your web or mobile App.
  • Click on “Create Portfolio”
  • Enter a name and select currency for a new list
  • Click on “Submit”

To Manage Your Portfolio

After you must’ve created your Portfolio, you should also manage it by adding the necessary tags. While managing your Portfolio, after clicking on “create”, there will be a display of some options for you to

  • Track Your Transaction History
  • Track a Symbol Watch Lists or
  • Track your Current Holding

These options are entirely different from each other and they manage different aspects of your Portfolio, After you must’ve chosen what you want to do, you can then click on “Finished” to save your Portfolio. You can also download your Portfolio by going to “My Portfolios” tab and click on the “Download Spreadsheet” option there. This will help you download all the data about any portfolio you are managing.

You can also click on “Set Alert” under the “My Portfolios” tab to set reminders from the updates that will pop up relating to a particular symbol you are tracking. After doing this, you proceed to click on “Save Alert”. This way you can be notified about subsequent percentage increase and decrease, as well as rise and fall in the price of stocks.

Some Advantages of Using Yahoo Finance

Although Yahoo Finance isn’t the only Finance App available, against its counterparts, it definitely has some features that make a lot of users prefer using it. These are some reasons why you may want to try out using Yahoo Finance.

  • It’s easy to use
  • You can download your Portfolio
  • Its services are free, except for some features that attract necessary fees
  • All the data are on one screen and it’s easy to read
  • It doesn’t require a subscription
  • It provides great tools for investors
  • It gives current stock market updates
  • You can trade directly using the App

Finally, investors require a guide through their investment decisions and need to keep track of changes in the market. Yahoo Finance is a great tool to achieve these, even if people argue that it has some shortcomings, there’s always room for improvement.

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