Rules for Word Blitz Game – How Do I Play Word Blitz | Free Word Blitz Game

Rules for Word Blitz Game – How Do I Play Word Blitz | Free Word Blitz Game – Word Blitz Game is a very popular puzzle game which is very engaging and can help user grow in their use of words. A lot of times we play games just for the fun of it but truth be told, we should move beyond just playing games to playing games which actually have a positive effect on us. This is why puzzle games are one of the most encouraging games one could ever play.

Told, we are talking about Word Blitz Game. This is one of the most amazing word games you would ever come across. This isn’t just a hype, it’s the truth. Telling you how true this is, since the introduction of Facebook Instant Games, Word Blitz has been one of the puzzle games topping the chat. Having millions of users who continually engage in gameplay.

Advantages of Word Blitz Game

These are the advantages of Word Blitz Game is,

  • it helps players rapidly improve in their use of words.
  • It also helps improve your reasoning
  • You get to learn new words (It is very enlightening)
  • Word Blitz is a game advisable for kids to play

Rules for Word Blitz Game

Although, this is a very simple game which does choke you up with a lot of rules. The rules of the game are very simple. See them below:

  • Find words in a specific time interval
  • You are allowed to shuffle the letters when you get stuck
  • Make sure you spell correctly for you to continue moving
  • Your points are determined by the length of the word created and how fast you were able to submit it
  • Try to go for hard words (7 letter words and above)

How Do I Play Word Blitz Game?

You can play Word Blitz Game in two ways:

  • Downloading and Installing the App from your App store (Google Playstore and Apple App Store)
  • You can also play with friends on Facebook Instant Games.

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