Samsung Removes Weight and Calorie Intake Tracking From Its Health App

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Samsung is focused on consistently improving their health app as the tech giant it is. Asides upgrading the capabilities of this health app and adding more features, Samsung is cutting out a couple of features too.

Through SamMobile, users are being notified about the removal of weight, calorie, and caffeine tracking from its health app. People have been able to monitor their food intake and other health factors to help them live much healthier lives. The action of Samsung to drop this particular feature may raise a lot of concerns since people love to make use of Samsung’s weight and calorie tracking feature.

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At the moment, the company hasn’t explained to the public its reason for taking such a decision. Users can only hope for the best.

Although Samsung Health has done a great job in helping people keep their health on track. Devices like Galaxy Watch have contributed its own quarter but this doesn’t in any way dispute the fact that there are other amazing third party apps that can do what the Samsung Health App can do.

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