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Facebook Dating Profile – Now, when people think about hooking up, Facebook is one platform that comes to their minds. Facebook is focused on keeping people all around the world constantly connected. Socializing has been taken to an entirely different level on Facebook since it was introduced to the world. The Facebook Dating service was introduced in the year 2018 and ever since, Facebook users have been able to hook up and start different kinds of relationships using the dating service developed by Facebook. Facebook is of no doubt the largest social networking platform in the world and this means you are open to meet even more individuals than any other online dating service in the entire world.

Facebook Dating App is very useful if you desire to get a date and meet with new friends. The platform gives you that start-up push when it comes to starting a relationship. From Facebook, it can be happily ever after.

Things You Need to Know About Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook Dating Profile

An amazing fact about the use of the Facebook Dating App is that it’s free. All that is required of you is becoming an active Facebook user. You need to have a Facebook account to make use of the Facebook Online Dating Service. Facebook offers even more compared to what you probably may come across when making use of other dating platforms.

On the Facebook dating service, there is a feature created to aid users to decide if they want to share their location and other personal details. Facebook is a perfect matchmaker and it matches individuals according to their interests. All these details are accumulated from things you both like, events you are interested in, groups you share, etc. You are allowed to add even your Instagram posts to your profile on the Facebook dating service. Using the service, you are free to add whichever gender you may be. One feature people love when making use of the Facebook Dating App is the secret crush feature. The way this feature works is that you get to match with your Facebook or Instagram friend you know. This happens if the both of you add yourselves as a secret crush. Now you can let that person know you have always had an interest in her/him.

Facebook Dating Profile Search

You probably may have someone you are attracted to and you don’t even know the persons dating profile or status. Facebook gives you the opportunity to search out the person’s profile and find out. If the person is your Facebook friend and you are attracted to him/her without knowing their relationship status and other important things about them, you can get on the Facebook Dating platform and use the search bar to search out the individual’s profile. This will help you know about the individual.

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

Your Facebook Dating Profile is of utmost importance on the Facebook Dating platform. People get to know you through it without interacting with you at first. To set up your profile, follow the steps below:

  • Once you sign in your Facebook account, get to where you have the Facebook dating icon to direct you right into the platform
  • Click “Start” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • From the instructions, enter your gender and location and also upload a nice photo of you
  • After that, a dating profile would be generated for you by Facebook using your Facebook profile
  • After the generation of the profile by Facebook, click on the preview profile option to edit your dating profile to suit you
  • Click “Save”

It’s that easy


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