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How To Create A Facebook Store – Do you have a business which sells products? The Facebook store is a section of your Facebook account that is being created within your Facebook business page. You might be wondering how to create a Facebook store.

No worries as to create a Facebook store or a Facebook shop as people might know it, simply takes just few minutes to set up. Once your Facebook store is set up, your products listed in your Facebook business page Facebook store, will be available to all of Facebooks platform users.

Thought of setting up your Facebook shop or Facebook store on Facebook yet? The Facebook platform simply allows you as a business owner to add a Facebook Shop section to your Facebook Business page so that your products can be bought by potential customers directly from Facebook.

Right in this wonderful article you will understand how to create a Facebook Shop or Facebook store section to your Facebook Business page or Facebook page.

Facebook Store: How To Create A Facebook Shop

At first you have to check if the Facebook shop feature is available to you on your Facebook page or Facebook business page.

To simply find out if you have the access to use the Facebook Store or Facebook Shop Section feature on your Facebook page or Facebook business page,

  • Visit your Facebook page and
  • Look for the “Add Shop Section” link which is below your Facebook page cover photo.

If you’re either a Shopify or Bigcommerce customer, you can choose to learn more about the ways of selling on your Facebook page using their respective links.

Here’s the good news about the Facebook shop or Facebook store and it’s that it isn’t a feature available only to major retailers.

Then the bad news about it is that it seems to appear at a random as you might think but it isn’t. The minimum Facebook criteria to use the Facebook Store feature is that you must have at least 2000 “Likes” on your Facebook fan page.

Having met the Facebook criteria to use the Facebook Store and you have the “Add Shop Section” link on your Facebook page, follow the highlighted steps below to create a Facebook store.

  • Click on the “Add Shop Section” Link
  • Then await a prompt explaining what this section will allow you to do.
  • Click the “Add Shop Section” button to continue.
  • Proceed by checking the box or clicking to “Accept” to the “Agree to Merchant Terms and Policies”
  • Then “Add Business and Payment Processing Details” then set up a “Stripe account” via to then proceed with the setup
  • Or if you already have a “Stripe account” log into the account at first and click the link to “connect to an existing Stripe account”,
  • Proceed by entering your business details and set up payment processing.
  • Once you are done with the setup process, your “call to action” button changes to a “Shop Now” button, which would now take your page visitors to your Facebook Store or Facebook Shop section.


Exploiting or simply taking advantage of the Facebook store or shop page to sell your products or goods is a great opportunity to projecting your business to a wider network of potential customers around you and all over the world. So what are you waiting for!

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