share youtube videos on facebook – Share YouTube Video to Facebook Story with Ease

Share youtube videos on facebook – Share YouTube Video to Facebook Story with Ease – You probably have enjoyed watching videos on YouTube and the truth is, a lot of these videos are so interesting to the point you would want to share them with your social media platforms, especially Facebook. A huge majority of the world make use of both YouTube and Facebook. Going through this article will provide you with the perfect enlightenment on how to share YouTube video in Facebook. When you understand this perfectly, you can now begin sharing trending YouTube videos to your Facebook friends and you all get to enjoy the videos together.

How to Share YouTube Video in Facebook – Step by Step

When it comes to sharing YouTube videos on Facebook, there are certain things that need to be clarified. As you watch videos on YouTube, there is an option below to share the video. With a click on the share button found below the video, you will get the link which you can share with your friends via messenger, story on even on your timeline. The only thing about this process is, anyone who clicks on the link will be redirected to YouTube to stream the video. This may not be accepted by everyone since they won’t want to leave the Facebook platform to stream a video on YouTube. To make things easier, you have the option of downloading the video from YouTube before choosing to share it on Facebook.

Video Download on YouTube Free

Share youtube videos on facebook

There is a list of sites where you can download YouTube videos for free. This action doesn’t take time and once the download is complete, you share the video on your Facebook timeline and story. Although, a lot of persons still don’t have an idea about the possibility of downloading YouTube videos since they know that when you click the download button on YouTube, the video gets downloaded right inside the YouTube platform. Below is a list of sites to help you download YouTube videos:

  • iTune Go
  • YTD
  • YouTube Download
  • Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • BitDownloader

There are a number of them to help you download videos from YouTube. You can now download any YouTube video with the aid of the websites above. On to the next thing.

How to Download YouTube Videos – Step by Step

To download YouTube videos online, kindly follow this guide:

  • Get on YouTube
  • Using the search box to search for the particular video you want
  • Once you get the video, copy the link
  • Get on any of the YouTube video download websites
  • Paste the copied link from YouTube in the search box found on the video download site
  • Tap on “Download” or “Search” depending on the site
  • After the display of the video click the download button
  • Finally, you will have the video stored in your device gallery

How to Post Downloaded YouTube Video on Facebook

Now that you have download the video, it’s time you know how to post the video on Facebook. Follow these procedures below:

  • Sign in Facebook
  • On your Newsfeed where you have written “what is in your mind” select “Photo/Video”
  • Choose the video from your gallery and add a description if you want
  • Upload the video
  • You can choose if you want it to appear in your story
  • Finally, click “Post”


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