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Download Facebook App for Dating – There are lots of amazing features of Facebook today, and most of them are just focused on getting people to communicate with each other. At least, if you have used Facebook long enough you should know that Facebook does was designed to help people get together. But even at that, there was never any feature on Facebook that was centred at helping people hook up, at least not until September 2018 when Facebook dating feature was released. With the release of the feature, most Facebook account owners who wanted to use the features search for how to download Facebook app for dating.

If you are one of the millions of people who searched for steps to downloading the Facebook app for dating the be prepared because, in this article, I would be giving you exclusive details concerning Facebook dating. to begin, what is Facebook dating? well with the name you should have an idea of what it is if you have not heard of it. Facebook dating is more like a feature on Facebook that s centred on helping Facebook user meet new people or hook up to start a relationship.

How Facebook Dating App works | Dating on Facebook App

The Facebook dating app is the latest dating app around, and it really has a lot of useful features. If you have used to dating sites before, then you should not have any issue because the platform was designed with similar features to other top dating sites. Some of the features of the dating app include:

  • Facebook dating allows you to select your gender, that if you are Cis man or Cis woman, trans man or trans woman and non-binary
  • You get to fix your dating feature using only details you want to use from your Facebook profile
  • The dating platform allows you to make use of about 9 different pictures for your profile
  • You are allowed to add your Instagram post to you Facebook dating profile
  • The platform possesses a secret crush feature that allows you to match with friends you already have on your Facebook account (this feature is the only way you match with your Facebook friends
  • Facebook dating app possesses a feature that allows you to hide your personal details from any of your potential matches. It also allows you to share it with them in case you ever decide to meet.
  • The platform allows you to describe yourself using either three emojis or using three sentences.

Download Facebook App for Dating | Download Facebook Dating App

Now to the question we have all been waiting for, how to download Facebook app for dating? well the answers are simple, but first, you need to note this fact; Facebook dating does not have any separate app that you have to download in other to use it. The Facebook dating app is more like an in-built feature on Facebook, and the only way to access it is by using Facebook app. But what if you cannot find the dating app feature on your Facebook dating app, it means your Facebook app is an older version, and you need to download the current Facebook version. You can download it from google play store or apple store. All you have to do to download it is:

  • Open the app store
  • Search for the Facebook app using the search bar
  • When the search result appears to locate the Facebook app and click install
  • Wait for it to finish downloading and installing

With that, you would have the latest Facebook app version on your mobile device.


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