Skills You Need To Have To Be Successful In The Next Two Decades

Skills You Need To Have To Be Successful In The Next Two Decades – What is a skill? Most times skills have been mistaken for handwork, though both of them perform similar functions and sounds to be the same but there are totally different. Handwork is said to be works or jobs done with hands. β€œSkill” is widely taken as a focus for rational research and as a core object for policy interventions in the modern global technology era. A substantive body of evidence shows that different skill levels have large economic effects for individuals, employers, regions and whole national economies.

Thus, skill is a personal quality with three key features; these features most times are personal traits of the Individuals:

Productive: When we talk about the features of skill as been productive, we mean it is now used as a medium to create values for individuals. For instance, there is no company that will prefer one who has a good certificate over one who is skillful due to the fact that research has shown that most of the Skillful individuals deliver very well more than those with the certificates. This is the reason at which most company demands internship for their trainee staffs so as to develop their skills on how they could attend to their customers and ensure the work is going smoothly.

Expandable: Skills are not just been made beautiful overnight, one could have a skill and still yet such skill is not attractive. This is the reason which regular training is required, you could attend certain training online so as to see that you develop and enhance your skills.

Social: most times one of the Factors that can also determine skills is the social environment; most persons discover that they have very good interactive skills when they tend to socialize thus; these skills become hidden until applied.

Due to the increasing rate of the global world that can also be described as a global village; there has however been a need to keep people informed as regards the skills that can still keep these people relevant even in the next generation and in future ones to come. Have you ever sat down to ask yourself on what are the necessary skills to have for the next coming generation in other for you to remain relevant? Not all skills will be relevant in a decade from now, technology increases every day, for instance in the banks now, there some amount of money they don’t pay inside the bank again not because they cannot pay it but due to the fact that they have made the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) available for them. The following are the skills you need to have to be successful in the next two decades:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Cognitive Expansion
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Innovative
  • Core Values
  • Integrity

As one who wants to be strong and influential in the days ahead, the skills as listed above must be thoroughly developed and enhanced because the next decades need people who are truly informed, innovative as well as creatively to match up with her technological improvements.

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