Snapchat Bitmoji TV 2020 | Snapchat Launches Full Motion Cartoon Series Where Your Favorite Snapchat Avatars Are Stars

Snapchat Bitmoji TV 2020 | Snapchat Launches Full Motion Cartoon Series Where Your Favorite Snapchat Avatars Are Stars – Bitmoji TV – Hello guys, you have just no idea what’s coming your way this New Year, Snapchat is launching its own cartoon series this February 2020. This is a television series where you get to see your favorite Snapchat Avatars. This is a global launch of this new cartoon series β€œBitmoji TV”. Snapchat did a great work of going beyond the extra mile to give the world this new package where they see their customizable Bitmoji avatar as full-motion stars.

After this launch, Snapchat users will begin to see their Bitmoji avatar consistently in this TV series playing different roles. This is indeed going to be an endless adventure where these characters explore different things and give viewers the fun of their life.

Some Common Things (Adventures) to Expect on Bitmoji TV

Snapchat is a very big company and you can trust them to give you a reason to continuously stream Bitmoji TV. Below are some of the things to expect;

  • Crewing a Star Trek-style Spaceship
  • Secret Agent Missions
  • Becoming Zombie
  • Falling in Love with Robots

And don’t think it ends there at all because there are going to be continuous updates with time.

We all know that the idea behind Bitmoji was creating a cartoon avatar for your profile picture. Before the introduction of the Bitmoji TV, Snapchat came through with Bitmoji Stories. Bitmoji Stories inspired the TV cartoon series. These stories are short comic strip-style which features your avatar and Snapchat users have enjoyed this daily as they make use of the platform. has been able to get some very valuable information directly from Snapchat as regards Bitmoji TV.

How I Feel About Bitmoji TV

Snapchat has done well in introducing Bitmoji TV as a TV series but aside from users viewing Bitmoji Stories on Snapchat, I think they should work towards putting the Bitmoji TV in the Snapchat App. Facebook has been able to do something like this by introducing Facebook Watch. The reason I am saying this is for users to have this cartoon series at their fingertips at all times as they have endless access to it. People stream on YouTube, Facebook Watch, TikTok, etc. as a means of relaxing. So, I know Snapchat can have more people spending time on their platform if they get to stream Bitmoji TV on the Snapcaht platform.

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