SQLite Review โ€“ Features of SQLite โ€“ SQLite Browser

SQLite Review โ€“ Features of SQLite โ€“ SQLite Browser – Due to the advancement in technology, things have become so easy. In this modern time, we can now talk about the internet, phones, operating system, database engine, search engine and so much more. Talking about the database engine, which is a software module that a database system uses in gathering information. There are different database engine like Microsoft jet, Azure SQL, SQLite database engine and so on.

SQLite is a database engine which can be entrenched into an application software like web application frameworks, operating system (OS), programming language and so much more. It can be used as a depot for database such as data, tables, etc. as a distinct cross-platform record on a host engine. Besides, based on its design, it necessitates for lesser configuration compared to client-server databases.

SQLite Review โ”‚Features of SQLite

SQLite reviews are awesome. It has remarkable features embedded in it. Its developer expert is known as D. Richard Hipp design this spectacular database since the year 2000 and up till now, it is still known as one of the best database engines. One of the aims of the SQLite is to be managed exclusively of a Database Manage System (DMS). Here are some of its features:

  • Compatibility in web browsers
  • Data storage
  • It is fast and reliable.
  • Easy integration
  • It is lightweight
  • It is simple and easy to use.

Some of its feature would be explained below

Compatibility in Web Browsers

SQLite is so fitting in web browsers. It accumulates a lot of data like cookies, bookmarks, history and so much more in its database through the browser. Browser like Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. stocks information and recovers them from SQLite database. In anticipation of the Firefox Quantum, the Mozilla Firefox browser uses a third party supplementary that uses a cryptogram that aids this functionality in making available a UI for running SQLite Database.

Data Storage

Most web developer, system developer has given an account of the astounding performance of the SQLite in terms of storing data in an application database server. Based on its design, it decodes appeals to several SQL queries, assembles the information, sort it out, evaluates it and gives a fast response encompassing no more than the needed information.

Easy Integration

It can be integrated into different platforms like iOS, Android OS, Linux OS, Windows, etc. it is fostered in most phones these days, and also into numerous numbers of applications based on its easy integration and compatibility.


Due to its nature of been light compared to other related Database Management System used in devices makes it so spectacular giving you enhanced performance. Due to those facts, it is easy to install, configure, without too much stress. SQLite is very light and its setup is trouble-free making it so portable.

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