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Top Free Apps On Google Play Store – Google Play Store | Google Play Store App – Recently, the total number of apps available on the Google play store has grown to be around 2.8 million. Although, there are so many apps having the same functions.

Now, instead of you trying all the apps in Google play store to know what they are about, this article will give you the list of the top free Android apps in Google play store.

Here is the list of some of the top apps found in Google Play Store:

Top Free Apps On Google Play Store


Nova Launcher is among the top Android launchers that have been on the Play Store for some years now. The launcher is fast, smooth, lightweight, and also comes with a lot of customizations.

This app supports the app-drawer customization, it also comes with notification badges, a scrollable dock, an icon customization, etc. This Nova launcher app is free for download but when you have the prime version of it, you will unlock so many other features and even some locked gestures.


In case you are living in a country where SMS is still the main means of communication, then this app is a must-have in your Android mobile phone. This SMS organizer was designed by Microsoft and the app is actually a very good app in managing all the unwanted test messages people receive.


This SwiftKey Keyboard has recorded to have over 250 million users in the whole world. It makes use of artificial intelligence that makes it able to know and predict what the user wants to type.

The SwiftKey Keyboard also comes with some features which include autocorrecting and others. There is also an inbuilt GIF search engine and themes.


If you are the type that sleeps a lot you need to have this app in your Android device. The app has a way of clearing the laziness of waking up from you. Before you will be able to snooze the annoying music it plays, you will have to arrange the puzzles it displays. You can set a hard level of the puzzle challenge as you wish.


This is a free office suite app that has so many features. It is very compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and it also integrates Google documents, spreadsheets, memos, PDF, presentations, etc.

This WPS office app also has free PDF converter, editor, reader, and also the ability to share files, data encryption and it supports multi-window mode.


This is an instant free messaging app that makes it able for its users to communicate with their family and friends with the use of the internet.  With WhatsApp, you can be able to send messages, make voice calls and video calls. You can also share documents, images, songs and videos, links, etc.


This app is one of the best apps in Google play store and a must-have in your Android mobile phone. It saves you the stress of carrying USB cable about in trying to exchange files from your PC. It is also way faster than Bluetooth in transferring files from other devices.


This is one of the best videos playing apps for your Android mobile phone found in Google play store. It supports almost all audio and video file formats.


This is another top app found in the Google play store. It is a web mapping service made for GPS navigation, transit, traffic, etc. It gives street maps, traffic information, and also shortcuts route to where you are going to.

These are some of the top apps available in Google play store.


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