UK Finally Pulls Out from European Union – Brexit Granted

UK Finally Pulls Out from European Union – Brexit Granted – After being a part of the European Union (EU) for almost 5 decades, the United Kingdom has finally pulled out from its integration with this union (EU). The attempt started in March 2017 and was being pushed harder in 2019. As of late 2019, the big picture to officially exit European Union became clearer. This was when a lot of persons saw the possibility.

Britain has played a vital role as being part of the European Union for the past 47 years. And on Friday 31st of January 2020, the United Kingdom had a triumphant exit out of the EU.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he said; “the country had taken back control”. Despite the years of unending argument, PM Boris Johnson still went ahead to promise the EU a new era of friendly cooperation. With the UK pulling out, the European Union is now left with 27 members. This decision may be uncertain which the PM agreed to by saying “there may be bumps in the road ahead but the department is an opportunity for stunning success”

On PM Boris Johnson’s Facebook page, where he made the following statements;

“The most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but a beginning. This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain go up on a new act in our great national drama”.

With this exist, The United Kingdom has now been empowered having total control of their activities and implementing new policies which there had wanted or voted for in the past years.

Some Effects of British Exit from the EU

Below are some of the effect of Brexit:

  • Controlling Immigration
  • Free Trade Deals
  • Liberating their fishing industry
  • Creating Freeports

The PM and the UK are celebrating their exit as they see this bold step as hope for a greater future.

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