Update Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Link – Facebook Dating App Available

Update Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Link – Facebook Dating App Available – For about two years now Facebook has become one of the places where many people look to find a date for themselves. And this is made possibles because of the launch and the release of the Facebook dating service. And on this post today i will be giving you the latest on the Facebook dating app update to keep you up to date on the latest happenings on Facebook dating app.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating app which is referred to as the Facebook dating feature, is the official dating service by Facebook as we all know. In an attempt to change the relationship status of the over 200 million singles of Facebook, the dating feature was introduced.

Since then this dating feature has been liked and used by many users on the Facebook platform. The dating app is not a stand-alone app so don’t get it confused. Because it is embedded in the Facebook application for mobile devices.

Also, to be able to use dating you must use Facebook. This means you must be a Facebook user and have the app to access it.

Facebook Dating App Update

About 2 years ago when dating was realized, it was only made available for selected few locations. These locations were just for testing purposes to see if users will buy into it. So that they can release for more locations. also, individual users were responsible for the features in the dating app.

Dating first launched in Colombia on September 20, 2018, and was followed by Canada and Thailand in October 2018. The feature also expanded very quickly to these 14 new countries. These are Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname. The service has also been active for about a year in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. The feature then launched in the United States on September 5, 2019, with complaint that the feature has some bugs. Finally, It will be in Europe by early 2020.

How To Access The Facebook Dating App

If the feature is available too you it becomes easy for you to access it. Before using this feature or before you can access this feature you have to opt-in. Now let’s see how to opt in to use the dating feature. Once this feature is available to you you will get a notification saying facebook dating is now available n your region. Then respond to the notification to opt-in. The other way is to check your profile for a heart icon. The heart icon signifies dating is available, clicking on it will opt you into Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Page And Groups

Before the dawn of the Facebook dating feature, dating has been going on for years. And one of the ways in which it was done was by the use of dating pages and groups. There are dedicated groups on Facebook created just for the purpose of dating and you can join and like them to date. Follow the procedure below to do so.

  • Open your Facebook app and tap on the Search bar.
  • Type in Facebook dating page or dating groups and tap to search.
  • Next, join as many groups and like as many pages as you want.
  • Then you can visit the pages and groups to access dating from there.

Facebook Dating Site Free

There are some websites that you can have access to for dating via Facebook. These websites have their pages and groups on Facebook to drive traffic to their platforms. These websites are specialized in the area of dating.

To access any of this website, you have to make a simple Facebook search to get to there groups or pages. what you do is simple type in the words β€œFacebook dating sites free” and hit search and you will find them.

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