Update Facebook Messenger Rooms – Messenger Rooms Free App | How Facebook Messenger Room Works

Update Facebook Messenger Rooms – Messenger Rooms Free App | How Facebook Messenger Room Works – Facebook Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s newly introduced video chat feature that connects people via the sharing of links. At the moment, only individuals in North America have Messenger Rooms available to them. With time, it’s going to be rolled out to the rest of the world.

This video chat service allows you to host a video conversation with up to 50 persons at the same time. You may be used to making use of the Zoom app for this similar purpose but Facebook Messenger Room can be seen as a preferred alternative. Messenger Room is really secure and private.

Features of Facebook Messenger Rooms

This new feature developed by Facebook comes with a lot of amazing features that can help enjoy great video conversations. It can be used by companies and organizations for their meetings. You can hold online conferences and enjoy a great time with your loved ones and friends all around the globe at the same time.

Below are the Features of Messenger Rooms

How Facebook Messenger Room Works

  • The creator of the room can remove any participant he/she doesn’t want
  • Once a call begins, the Messenger Rooms can be locked or unlocked
  • Participants can easily leave the room if they want
  • People you blocked on Facebook or Messenger would be denied access to a room created by you and if anyone blocked you too, the same applies
  • If the room violates Facebook’s Community Standards, participants can report the room
  • Participants do not require a Facebook account to join your call but as the host, it is required that you have a Facebook account
  • The creator of the room is the only one who has the power to remove room participants, end the room, and lock the room
  • The room creator is required to be in the room before people can join it
  • Messenger Room isn’t end-to-end encrypted
  • If you are online on Facebook or Messenger, other participants will be able to see your Facebook profile picture, profile name when you join the room

Messenger Room App

As established earlier, the host of the chat group must have a Facebook account. If there is one thing you must understand, it’s the fact that the Messenger Room has very great video quality. This tells you that if you want to host a meeting, you need to sign up for a Facebook account if you don’t yet have one. Once you have done this, you can download both the Facebook app and the Messenger app on your device for easier access.

Chat room is not a stand-alone app, it is found right in the Facebook Messenger platform. So, if you are an Android or iOS user, you need to download the Messenger App.

How to Download Messenger App on Android

  • Open your Google Playstore
  • Using the search box at the top, search Messenger App
  • Identify the app and click on it
  • Click on the Install button
  • Then, click Open you would be allowed to sign in using your Facebook sign in details

How to Download Messenger App on iOS

  • Open your Apple App Store
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your page and click App
  • Click Search and enter Messenger App
  • Click on the app
  • Tap Install
  • Click Open to sign in

How Facebook Messenger Room Works

The beautiful thing about Messenger Room is the fact you can share the room link on any messaging service at all. Once you create a room, you can share the link on desktop or mobile.

For Desktop

  • Click Copy from your room
  • You can send the link as a message to people who make use of other messaging services by just pasting it on your chat window

For Android and iPhone

  • Click on Share Link from your room
  • You can now send the link to people on other messaging services

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