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USA Marketplace On FB – Facebook Marketplace – UK Facebook Marketplace – Buying and selling have never been better, with Facebook, you get to access a great deal of opportunity. With the Facebook Marketplace buy and sell for you would become much better. plus, you get to increase your business awareness. This is one great opportunity granted to you by Facebook If you are a business person.

Buying and selling on another platform are different from buying and selling on Facebook. What Facebook does on Facebook Marketplace buy and sell is that it connects individuals who are in the same geographical area together making them able to see who puts up an item for sale in their region. This simply means if you are living in Lagos Nigeria, then Facebook will connect you to individuals who have items for sale in Lagos and other nearby cities.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

With Facebook Marketplace, you get to select your catchment, and only individuals within that catchment get to see you in the market place. this really helps because it increases the speed of delivery and reduces the rate of people getting scammed.

In the marketplace, you can purchase and sell almost anything you want in the market place as long as they are under the terms and policies. Also, if you want to sell your products, make sure they are standard to prevent people from returning the product.

Facebook Marketplace How to Buy and Sell

USA Marketplace On FB

How to Buy

  • First, go to the marketplace
  • Then select the item you want to purchase or buy
  • Click message
  • Then finally message the seller that you want to purchase his or her item.

And from there you discuss payment method and every other detail required.

How to Sell

  • First, get on the market place
  • Then click sell something
  • Input what you want to sell (picture of the item), then enter all the details of the item correctly
  • And then click post

And that is how to sell on Facebook. That was not so hard, was it.

How to Locate Facebook Marketplace

In case you are new to the platform and you do not know how to open the marketplace, then do not worry because I got you covered. Steps on how to locate the marketplace are stated below:

  • First, open your Facebook account. you can do this on any device you wish to use as long as it can access Facebook
  • Once you have opened the page, click the shop icon.

The shop icon is shaped like a storefront, and it is located at the top left side of your desktop page. But for iOS devices, it is located at the bottom and for android at the top.

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