Use Facebook Free – How to Use Facebook Without Internet Connection

Use Facebook Free – How to Use Facebook Without Internet Connection – Did you know it was possible to use Facebook for free without any bandwidth charges or internet connection? OH! YES, it is absolutely possible and this happens by switching to Facebook Free Mode. Facebook’s idea behind all they do is to help their users get the best out of their services. That is, you don’t have any hinderances or excuses for not making use of the platform.

Facebook is one platform which helps users appreciate the introduction of the internet. FB as a social media service is free but the charges on bandwidth come from telecommunication companies which have laid down the policy (charge) before people can use the internet. Facebook tries their best to eliminate any barrier which can stop users from gaining access to their platform. For instance, if you make use of the Facebook App, you will notice it occupies a large amount of space and not everyone has that much space in their devices. This was why Facebook Lite was introduced. FB makes sure that there are absolutely no loopholes and this is why they have the highest number of active users in the world.

How to Use Facebook Free

Facebook has two modes in which it functions. The first is “The Data Mode” and the other is “The Free Mode”. One painful truth about switching between these two is that it can only happen if you make use of the Facebook Mobile App either on your Android device or IOS device.

When you log in FB using the app, you will see an option at the topmost part of your page with the inscription “Go to Free”. Once you click on it, you can now use FB without an internet connection. To switch back, simply get to the top of your page and click “Data Mode”.

Difference Between Facebook Free Mode and Facebook Data Mode

The difference between the FB free mode and data mode is pretty straight to the point. The Data Mode gives you access to all Facebook features including media while the Data Mode denies users access to media (Pictures and Videos).

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