Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – Facebook Update 2020

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – Facebook Update 2020 – Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – The new and updated version of Facebook is designed to give users a different experience from what they are used to. The beautiful thing is, it has been updated for both the web version and the mobile app. You might have even upgraded to this new version without even knowing it. If you are already used to the previous version you won’t struggle with the latest update.


Welcome to a Fresh New Facebook

The idea behind this fresh and updated version is to give users an entirely different experience. Beyond just the looks there is more to this update than you can imagine. You are going to be seeing them shortly. Don’t focus your mind on the user interface because you may just see it as the same old Facebook you know. It’s until you explore it you will understand that Facebook is on another different level. The mobile users are in a better position to take note of this update than the web version users.


Features of the Fresh Simpler Facebook

There are a lot of features to talk about as regards the new update. You can see them below:

  • You have more personalized activity feeds in Facebook groups.
  • When making use of the Facebook Marketplace, a payment processor system has been created to help them make payments for items directly on Facebook.
  • Finding groups and group suggestions have been improved with the aid of the new discovery tool. You can now get groups based on your interests easily.
  • Facebook Dating service is another unique feature that comes with it. You can now safely and easily get a perfect match on Facebook. Although it’s not available in all countries yet.
  • In Facebook Marketplace, there is a feature that aids users ship items to any place in the USA.


Upgrading from Classic to Fresh New Facebook

Classic refers to the old Facebook version. You can switch from the Classic version to the New version if you want. Normally Facebook sends a notification any time there is an upgrade. It is possible you did not get the notification so, go through the procedure below to switch to the New Facebook:

  • Kindly sign in your Facebook account
  • Click the drop-down menu arrow found at the top of the page
  • Tap “Switch to the New Facebook” from the menu given.

On your introduction to the new version that where you will see “Welcome to Fresh Simpler Facebook”


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