What Companies Can Do to Eradicate Coronavirus Instead of Complaining About the Disruption in Their Supply Chain

What Companies Can Do to Eradicate Coronavirus Instead of Complaining About the Disruption in Their Supply Chain – Coronavirus is currently the most popular epidemic in the world. It has had a huge effect on business, education, health and other sectors which contribute to the growth and advancement of our modern society. Asia and Europe have been highlighted as the parts of the world where it has an ampule effect. Notwithstanding, life still goes owns as individuals hope for the total eradication of this virus.

The WHO is working tirelessly to put an end to this epidemic as several attempts are being made on a daily basis. One key reason why this virus has prevailed is the fact that it’s airborne. In the UK presently, there has been a daily increase of individuals diagnosed with the Coronavirus and worldwide, there has been an increase in the mortality rate due to the introduction of the virus. The government of nations all around the world are contributing their quarter to make sure the virus is eradicated. This epidemic has affected relationships between individuals and also trade done locally and internationally. Several countries have shut down their borders and placed a ban on importation.


Economic Effect of Coronavirus

Truly speaking, importation and exportation are now minimal. Exportation is one key means through which first world countries generate revenue. This tells you that when there is a decrease in exportation, the internal revenue of these nations dropped.


Take China for example, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, placing orders for goods from China has been unstable. Africa as a continent is identified as major consumers who make use of Chinese products telling you that Africa is a major market for China. Residents of this continent (Africa) have been experiencing severe declines as regards purchases they make from China, Europe, the UK, and other parts of Asia.

Meeting with a few persons who place orders for certain items on AliExpress which is one of their most preferred online shops because of how affordable their items are, have complaints about not receiving these items for months now.


Logistics have been highly affected because of the fear of the Coronavirus. People fear traveling to countries and continents where this virus is identified to have a major effect.

Fortune.com revealed that 75% of companies report coronavirus has disrupted their supply chains. Stating that “Nearly 75% of companies are seeing capacity disruptions in their supply chains as a result of coronavirus-related transportation restrictions, according to an Institute for Supply Management survey published Wednesday”

The cry for a solution is constantly out on the media every day. This may be a time where major companies may experience downsizing. The revenues of these companies are gradually dropping and if nothing is done about the epidemic, it’s going to be a bad time for most of these companies.


Why Corona Virus Isn’t a Fight for the WHO Alone

One really annoying thing about this issue is the complaints from companies. It makes it seem as though, these companies are most interested in the revenue they generate instead of being interested in the growth and sustainable development of the economy without recognizing that the fight against Coronavirus can’t be done by the WHO and Ministries of Health alone. For an issue like this, a lot of investment needs to be put in place. Both human and material resources are really needed.

At this point in time, it is vital companies team up with the WHO and Health Organizations in their countries to end the epidemic. Reason being, the presence of infrastructures, contributes to economic sustainability. Business is about providing goods and service which can’t be done without a supply chain. Any threat to a supply chain is a threat to the business. This means that anything identified as an enemy against your supply chain, it is important it becomes a major concern to the business or company.


Coronavirus is a huge threat to supply chains in the world today affecting the transportation of goods to the required destinations. Supply should always meet demand and when there is a lack of supply, the economy suffers. This is the reason companies must look beyond themselves and make a decision to invest in the mission to put an end to the Coronavirus. The virus is a threat to your business and economy so, at this point, investment in the health sector is important. Investment is one major factor that contributes to the growth of any business and society. Now, this is a call for companies to invest in a course which may probably determine the future of their businesses. We invest, to secure our future. This is why I honestly call on companies to invest in the mission to eradicate Coronavirus. It is an investment for your economic sustainability.

Companies like Google and Alibaba are already contributing their own quarter to see they have a Coronavirus clear society. Why don’t you think about this for a moment and you would see that an enemy to your society and economy, is an enemy to your business and company. It is beyond philanthropy; it is a course to secure the future.


A Letter to Companies All Around the World

Dear companies, I urge you to partner with the WHO and Health Sector in general to make sure the virus doesn’t persist in our society. This is another means through which you could leave a mark on the world. The future of our economy depends on the stability of the society. Be the heroes who the world will speak of tomorrow as the ones who eradicated fear and restored hope to the world. This is what adding value to the society really means.

Every company may not do so much, but the contributions made from your capability is what really matters. We are here in the world to add value to it and secure a great future for our children. Let’s all join hands today as one and put an end to the prevailing of the Coronavirus.

The future depends on us.

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