What is eBay – How Does eBay Work | What are eBay Fees | How to Sell on eBay

What is eBay – How Does eBay Work | What are eBay Fees | How to Sell on eBay – eBay is an online shopping, auction and trading website in which people buy a wide variety of goods and products and some also advertise their goods and products seeking customers that will patronize them. As of 2011 eBay has been discovered to be a Multibillion-dollar business with optimum operations in about 30 countries, the world goes shopping at eBay and also sells at eBay. For so many years eBay has played so many vital roles in creating an inclusive and accessible commerce platform that allows anyone to take part in the Global Economy.

eBay is an online shopping or auction website where almost everything can be bought and it also vice versa as almost everything can be sold.

  • How Does eBay Work

eBay is a marketplace where buying and selling commence within individuals hence goods and products are listed or sampled at fixed price rates for quick sales adding description and photos and also choosing a price then you would select your preferred shipping option.

  • What are eBay Fees

eBay gets a cut or shares when your auction sells. After your fixed price listings of auctions end, eBay charges the end value of your fee to your account in a few minutes. To figure out the end value fees on your auction or fixed price listings is very easy when your items are sold, you pay eBay 9% of the total sold price.

  • How Do You Sell on eBay
  • Create an account with eBay.
  • Once you have an account with eBay select sell at the top of any eBay page.
  • You can also go to sell your items; this automatically opens a new tab or window.
  • Create a preferred listing of the items you want to sell.
  • Make a confirmation of your details and also add or create an automatic payment method for any eBay fees.
  • What Was the First Item Listed on eBay         

The first item that was listed on eBay was a Broken Laser Pointer.


  • eBay the online global trading and auction company was launched in the year 1995 by an American Entrepreneur named Pierre Omidyar
  • It is all about supplies and demands.
  • It is an American e-commerce company.
  • It is currently one of the largest and prominent companies in the world to develop their businesses on online sales or auctions.
  • It is mentioned to be the world’s largest market place.

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