What is Google Ads – How to Earn From Google Ads

What is Google Ads – Google Ads is known in full as Google Adsense, this is an online advertising platform where advertisers pay for their products to be displayed via clickable Ads in order to reach a wider range of publicity, the advertisers pay for publicity on service offerings, video contents, product listings, and mobile application installs within the Google Ad network to web users. These Google Ads were previously referred to as Google AdWords before the 24th of July 2018.

How Does the Google Ads Work?

These are clickable Ads that are attached to websites or applications for advertisement purposes to enable products and services to be seen by users who use a particular website or various websites on the internet.

The clickable Google Ads that display on the selected media, websites or applications generate money when clicked, Advertisers pay for these clicks so, therefore, the higher the traffic a website or application undergoes the higher the earnings.

How Do I Earn from Google Ads?

You earn from your clickable displaying Google Ads through what is known as Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) when you are displaying Google Ads are clicked by your customers you earn.

Importance of Google Ads

  • It helps so many companies or business organizations in massive advertisements.
  • It helps people know about your services and products.
  • Google Ads generates money through Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) when clicked by online customers.
  • Helps products and services to reach larger publicity.

How Do I Get Google Ads?

This Google Ads are created, supported and given by Google; this Google Ads can be gotten through the following ways;

  • BUYING OF THE GOOGLE ADS: This Google Ads can be paid for by an individual, organization or company that wants their products and services to reach greater publicity with intentions of selling their goods and services.
  • APPLYING FOR GOOGLE ADS: This Google Ads can as well be given to an individual, company or organization when applied for.


The difference between applying and buying of Google Ads is a difference of time and earnings;

TIME: Time is one of the major factors, it takes a longer time for an individual or company or an organization to get Ads when it’s been applied for meanwhile it takes a very short time interval for those who are paying to receive this Ads.

EARNINGS: This is another factor because waiting for Ads to arrive might or will definitely slow down earnings because you can’t earn from your online advertisement and publicities if you don’t have this Ads.

Google Ads are essential and important means through which goods, products, and services can be advertised online to reach a greater range of publicity in order to gain quick sales and patronage.

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