What is Google Contacts – Are Gmail Contacts and Google Contacts the Same | How Do I Find My Google Contacts

What is Google Contacts – Are Gmail Contacts and Google Contacts the Same | How Do I Find My Google Contacts – Google Contacts is a management tool developed by Google that is available in its free email service in Gmail, as a part of Google’s maintained business-oriented suite of web apps and as a standalone service. It was initially released four years ago on the 3rd of March in the year 2015, but it was finally released on the 19th of February.

Most questions have been frequently asked arising from the complications and difficulties users face while using this web service. We’ll provide answers to some forwarded questions

Below are some of the questions often asked due to problems encountered by users.

Are Gmail Contacts and Google Contacts the Same?

If you have a personally created Gmail and have sent some various emails using this created Gmail, you will have contacts in your Gmail Address Book and these are called your Google Contacts. Hence with a Gmail account, you will have a Gmail Address Book automatically, but one of the major problems users face is how to find these Contacts on their Gmail.

How Do I Find My Google Contacts?

Your Contacts are saved on your Google Contacts, and these saved contacts can be accessed anytime in the Gmail Contact Manager.

Few instructions that can be used to access your stored contacts.

  1. Click on “Gmail” on the sidebar at the left top.
  2. Choose contacts from the dropdown menu that will appear.

But you can also access these stored contacts directly by simply using your web browser, follow the few steps below;

  1. Enable your Data Network Connection.
  2. Open your browser on your smart device (Android or IOS).
  3. Open directly on the website ( www.google.com/contacts ) to access your stored contacts.

How Does Google Contacts Work?

Google uses the APIs of Google Contacts and Contacts between Android devices to sync their contacts. Contacts are pushed to the device when a change in contact occurs within Google Contacts, the same happens when you delete or change a contact on the device but it should be noted that this only happens when account sync occurs.

What are the (Other Contacts) Displaying in the Google Accounts?

These other contacts consist of contacts that you have sent email messages to but these contacts weren’t in “MY CONTACTS”

So, in conclusion, this web service helps in the synchronization of Google Contacts to a tablet, phone, and computers. When contact is changed by the user, that contact will definitely change everywhere.

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