What’s Facebook Dating – How Does Facebook Dating Works | Basic Features of Facebook Dating

What’s Facebook Dating – How Does Facebook Dating Works | Basic Features of Facebook Dating – Online relationships and dating are one major attention on our social media platforms today. On the quest for love and friendship a lot of people go to the social media to find partners and friends. Amazingly today strong relationships and friendships have been built through social media platforms and Facebook is not left out. Facebook dating is simply a platform for people to find love and build relationships. Facebook having millions of users worldwide and being very popular has been an amazing platform where people meet people. Over the years a lot of testimonies have been recorded of how people found their life partners and the love of their lives online. Online dating is no news as it has grown to far areas of the world.

Today Facebook dating has made it easier to find love through what you like. Facebook dating will help you to start meaningful relationships through things that you have in common like interests, events, groups likes, etc. It makes creating a dating profile easy and gives you a more authentic look at who someone is and what they actually represent as an individual.

The launching of Facebook dating has given people the ability to integrate their Instagram posts directly into their Facebook dating profile and giving people the ability to add their Instagram followers to their secret crush list. Finding a romantic partner is very and deeply personal which is why Facebook dating is safe and gives you the maximum amount of privacy that you need.

Basic Features of Facebook Dating

  • Security and privacy
  • Gives you the ability to report and block anyone
  • Prohibiting people from sending you links, photos, payment or video in messages
  • It enables you to add your Instagram posts to your profile in Facebook dating
  • Create your dating profile easier than ever
  • Secrete crush
  • Profile content
  • Second look etc.

How Does Facebook Dating Works?

As a Facebook user, you can choose to opt into Facebook dating and create a dating profile that us separate from your main profile. As long as you are 18 years and above and have downloaded the most recent version of Facebook, you will be suggested to others who have already opted in for Facebook dating.

On Facebook dating, people are suggested based on your likes preferences, interests and other things you do on Facebook. If you have an interest in someone on Facebook dating you can comment directly on their profile or tap on the like button to notify them or let them know. This platform gives you the opportunity to match with friends of friends and people in your circle. You will not be matched with friends unless you choose to use secret crush and you both add each other to your list. All your dating actions will stay on Facebook dating and will not be shared with the rest of the world.

Facebook dating proves a point across the world that it is not a place for a casual one-night stand Like other apps as it aims to provide a place where people really get to know about one another in a romantic aspect and building good relationships.

How to opt-in for Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not a separate app from Facebook it is built inside Facebook. To opt into Facebook dating all you need do is to have a Facebook account and if you already have you are a step ahead. A Facebook account is the basis for Facebook dating. Do the following afterward

  • First, go to your Facebook app and tap on the menu icon in the upper right side of the screen
  • And tap dating. Where you go not see the dating option you will probably need to tap the see more option.
  • Having done that, you will be taking to the dating section of Facebook
  • Click on get started and follow the on-screen directions for setting up a profile. You will have to specify the gender you are looking for location and choose a nice photo of your self.
  • Immediately Facebook will automatically generate a dating profile for you by going through your non-dating profile.
  • All you need do is adjust the profile to exactly how you want it.
  • When you are satisfied click done.

Your Facebook dating is good to go and Facebook will start sending you matches.

Note: Facebook and Facebook dating do not share the same messenger inbox.

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