Whatsapp Conference Call – How to Use Whatsapp Conference Call | Features of Whatsapp Conference Call

Whatsapp Conference Call – How to Use Whatsapp Conference Call | Features of Whatsapp Conference Call – Whatsapp conference calls are conference calls that can be done on the number one instant messaging platform called Whatsapp. Whatsapp offers free internet calls to anywhere around the world, this free internet call doesn’t work in countries that have restrictions on Whatsapp calls in general.

What’s app offers conference calls both voice calls and video calls, they have a limit of 4 users on this conference calls. Although when WhatsApp’s started, they only allowed for single calls to people but they changed it because other instant messaging platforms that are competing with them introduced it on platforms.

Features of Whatsapp Conference Call

What’s app conference call allows for users to have an alternative to regular calls, users can use the Whatsapp conference call to as an alternative to regular calls and it reaches everywhere worldwide as long as users are registered under the whats app social media platform. This are some of the major features of WhatsApp conference call.

  • Whatsapp conference call allows for users to be able to connect with each other with a very much cheaper mode of calling , users can use a little fraction of data when doing conference calls with people around the world meanwhile while using the regular calls is very costly which means what’s app conference call is the preferred option.
  • Whatsapp conference call allows users to enjoy both voice and video calls. They can use both cheaply on the Whatsapp platform. They can enjoy both services with very little data and these services are available to everyone, all users need is a working internet device and a data connection.

What’s app conference call has helped a lot of business not only does it have a very good voice calling medium, its video calls are also clear. They can be used in replacement to the original mobile calls and for a fact that they are cost-effective. They get more and more users signing up and making what’s app conference calls.

How to Use Whatsapp Conference Call

What’s app conference calls are calls that can be made on Whatsapp which means that for these calls to happen users must have a registered account with Whatsapp and they must have an Internet-accessible device and also data connection to the internet both users must have this. This are the steps on how to use what’s app conference call.

  1. Open application store
  2. Download what’s app messenger
  3. Register on what’s app messenger
  4. Select the call icon at the bottom of the screen
  5. Search who you want to call, and place call.

These are the simple steps to follow when users want to make Whatsapp conference call to other people.

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