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WhatsApp Download – WhatsApp App Download – WhatsApp Web Version – What is the WhatsApp new Download? The popular chat messaging site, WhatsApp, is a free worldwide platform that supports the feature if both messenger and voice application. WhatsApp users are able to send and receive messages and also voice recordings, engage in conversations through phone calls, and share files and documents safely to other WhatsApp users in either group chats or individual conversations.

Using the WhatsApp web version of the app, users are granted with the chance to sync their WhatsApp account on several different devices in other to keep their conversations on-going when at home, at the office, on your desktop, or with your mobile device. In addition, the WhatsApp app can be found in the Opera browser so that users can carry on with chat conversations and browse the internet all at the same time.


This cross-platform smartphone messenger app works for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows devices and Symbian devices. It allows instant conversations between users of different devices and the international carrier is one of the amazing features of the WhatsApp app. Since the app works just like the SMS feature and makes use of contact numbers to communicate, it does not require usernames and pins.


Main Features of WhatsApp New Download

the WhatsApp messenger app is a free messaging app that is available and open to Android users and other smartphones. The WhatsApp platform make use of the internet connection and a compatible mobile phone in order to enjoy the amazing features contained in the app. These features let you connect to friends, family and loved ones.

  • Allows text messages, voice calls, video calls, media and file sharing through the use of Wi-Fi to several other WhatsApp users.
  • Allows group and individual messaging.
  • Allow the action of syncing your WhatsApp account to other devices, which lets you chat with your account whenever and wherever you go.

Reasons to Get Started with WhatsApp New Download

it is no secret that a large number of the world’s population are now making use of the popular chat messaging platform, WhatsApp. But it would still amaze you to know that there are still people out there who have not yet downloaded and installed the WhatsApp messenger app on their device, perhaps they might want to see good reasons to do so. Well, here are the fun reasons to get started with WhatsApp New Download.

  1. The one-year free feature – the WhatsApp app is a free app for you to download and make use of for one year – entirely free! But after that, you will be charged. Trust me you will find out that it is an app worth paying for.
  2. You can send and share your current location with your other WhatsApp contacts.
  3. Customized WhatsApp wallpaper to help your app background look fun-filled and attractive.
  4. The status features
  5. The feature of group texting with other WhatsApp users apart from your contact list.


How to Get Started with  WhatsApp New Download

For Android users. The WhatsApp New Download is available on your Google Play store. But if you do not have the play store on your device, go to www.play.google.com. At the top of the play store page. You will find a search bar, type in WhatsApp New Download and you will be given a list of WhatsApp messenger app, click on the app you want to download and install into your device.

For IOS device, it is available on your Apple iTunes Store, search for WhatsApp New Download, click on the WhatsApp messenger and download into your device.

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