WhatsApp Web New Update Matches Speed with Its iPhone and Android App

WhatsApp Web New Update Matches Speed with Its iPhone and Android App – WhatsApp has recently brought out a new clean update for its messaging app. This recent update deals with forwarding plenty of photos side-by-side which will appear as the photos being sent automatically in a group of small albums. This will reduce the gathering of plenty photos in your chat gallery and will make it less stressful for you to receive more complete photos and be able to view what you want to see at once instead of stressing and scrolling ceaselessly through the plenty photos before going back to the messages that you wish to reply.

These WhatsApp features were made available for smartphone users years ago meanwhile WhatsApp net users have been on the problem of scrolling through images to see them one by one. But worry not, WhatsApp did not just make this available but also adduce numerous stickers that are sent to a gallery view that can be checked independently. And for people who prefer to reply to their friends with emoji stickers will not be allowed to fill the group chat with plenty of images.


WhatsApp is going through a productive period at the moment. After providing a few more features months ago, the popular messaging app has been into updates and upgrades all of a sudden these last few weeks. These upgrades include the capacity of locking the messaging app on android phones with the use of fingerprint to prevent nosy friends or colleagues from going through your chats. There was once a feature that prevents people who have your number from adding you to a new group chat without your permission.


WhatsApp is always adding interesting features, but there is one that is still missing in action which is the ever-ambiguous DARK MODE. Screengrabs of the recent appearance which should have match the system-wide view that was introduced with iOS 13 and android 10 later this year and it is produced to protect your eyes when using your phone in the night.

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