Why Businesses Should Start Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Why Businesses Should Start Adopting Artificial Intelligence – When the purpose of a thing is not known, value cannot be accorded to such thing; before people will definitely start seeing a need for Artificial Intelligence and reasons in which they actually need it in their businesses, they would have seen how useful it is and how easier it makes works appear. Without all this knowledge then there will be no easy way as regards fixing up this artificial Intelligence.


Artificial knowledge is said to be the substitution of humans and machines that has similar qualities and functions in the same way as a normal Human is supposed to function. The following are the necessities or reasons why it is necessary for companies as well as individuals to adopt the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Business:

  • It ensures that the customers are served better. Using a food production company for an instance, there are times when the demand of their goods will be high and this will require extra manpower but because they are using artificial intelligence, it is going to fasten the production process for them and ensure that they are meeting up with the Customers demand.
  • It causes fewer expenses in the aspect of the Hiring of Labor. When an artificial Intelligence machine is produced, there would be no need for expenses for human Labors as this machine can do much more than what the Human labor can and for the machine, it is just to but it once and for all whereas for that of Human Labor, you need to pay them their wages regularly.
  • Artificial intelligence has the ability to store data and statistical tools better and faster than Humans; imagine how many statistical tools the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) stores a day due to the numerous withdrawals, can Humans actually keep to this record? Definitely not because they were not built in such a capacity in which they would get exact statistical tools for days if not months.
  • Artificial Intelligence is not tired just like humans. Hence it is a machine, it hardly experiences a breakdown or going for a break just as some Humans will work little and get tired but for Artificial Intelligence it is not like that. As long as it has been programmed, it works with what has been programmed. Thus; if it is programmed to work for two hours, it will definitely work for those two hours without getting tired.


Despite these awesome merits, it will be unreasonable for us to assume or jump into conclusions that Artificial Intelligence does not have its pitfalls. One major disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence is that; it is expensive and has only a few programmers that can solely manage this machine. On the other hand, it also promotes unemployment indirectly thus causing an increasing theft and war. Dr. Seer said in his article; when you want to check to know the development rate, one of the things he said you should carefully look out for is the employment rate of that country. Thus; AI does not support the proper employment rate in a country.


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