Yahoo Business Email โ€“ How to Setup Yahoo Business Email

Yahoo Business Email โ€“ How to Setup Yahoo Business Email โ€“ Yahoo business email is an email that was designed and created specifically for business purposes. If you own a business or a brand or you are a professional, one of the best option of the email you should use is the Yahoo business email, then you can go further to assign this email to your domain for more authentication of your business or brand. Setting up your Yahoo business email will help you link your business domain to your Yahoo email address like I said earlier this makes your business or brand look more authentic.

Yahoo Business Email โ€“ How to Set Up Yahoo Business Email | Yahoo Email

Not all good things come for free and the Yahoo business email is among those good things that are not free. Though the cost is very cheap and affordable. The Yahoo business mail is charged monthly and it is charged at $1.19 per month. When using a Yahoo business mail, you have a better advantage and an upper hand when talking about communicating with fellow business partners and customers. Yahoo mail employs a very secure server which keeps your private life completely different and separate from your business life using two different email address.

How to Set Up Yahoo Business Email

Setting up your Yahoo business email may consume some amount of your effort and your time too but it is worth it. We have summarized compiled all the steps you need on how to set up Yahoo business in this article, you can read the guide below to know how to set up a Yahoo business email.

  • Ensure your device has an active internet connection.
  • Log in to Yahoo
  • Click settings, the icon is at the top right corner.
  • Select add an account then from the menu displayed, select others.
  • Enter the email address and the password for your business or brand then click manual settings.
  • Select IMAP account by clicking on it, enter the name of your business or brand as the email address and the username.
  • Create a password for your app then choose it as the password for incoming server and outgoing server
    Carry out the server settings and complete it.
  • Select a date to synchronize emails.
  • Choose a name for your account

After completing the above steps, you will be able to send and to receive emails using your Yahoo business email.

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