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Spread the love – Yahoo Mail Account – Yahoo Free Mail – Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest mailing service of all time also called Ymail. It offers a web base service that gives registered users an open access to send and receive emails.

Yahoo Mail is an American company whose parent company is Yahoo!. Yahoo Mail offers free email services for individual use. There is a paid plan for business emails.

As will know EMAIL is a short from for electronic mail. This is an instant message that can be sent over the interment. It was the fastest way of communication. Where by user only have to compose a message and once he or she hit the send icon the message is sent.

On Yahoo Mail user can get access to.

  • Mails.
  • Contacts.
  • Calendar.
  • Notepad.
  • Messenger .
  • News feed.

This is Yahoo Mail functions that enables it users to enjoy great user experience at no cost.

All the above listed categories are located at the top left corner with an icon representing each of them.


This is the section where all Yahoo Mail emails are stored. By clicking on the mail icon give you full access to Yahoo Mail inbox. Where you can access to Drafts mail, Sent mail, Archive Spam and Trash. This are basic folders that makes up your inbox.


This are other user contact such as mobile number and email address.

This is the section where user can fine saved contact on Yahoo Mail. So they can send mail or get in touch with the user.

User can get access to their Facebook, Google and contact from this menu.

You can import contact from this three listed platform.


This is one unique feature that helps user to take note of memorable dates and events. Its just like your normal calendar where you get to see days week month and year. User can also create event on their calendar.


This is a yahoo app that is been use to send instant messages. It is also a free messaging app. There are other unique functionality in  this app.

Yahoo Mail Versions

There are some basic information that user needs to be informed about the free version of  Yahoo Mail. Normally this service has two major platforms for users which are Free and Business plan.

Normally this service has two major platforms for users which are Free and Business plan.

Yahoo Mail Free Version

  • 1TB of Email Storage.
  • 25MB limit of file that can be attached to Email.
  • Account expiry if user fails to login within the space of 6months.
  • Virus and Spam protection on incoming mails.
  • Adverts are displayed on users account interface.

Yahoo Mail Business

This is a paid version where user has to pay a fee in other to get special features such as custom email and domain name. user can also get 10 Email Quota and an unlimited storage space for mails.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up

Sign up is the section where a user has to create an account.  For any one who want to make use of this services he or she has to sign up for a new account. Creating an account is very easy you read the below tips on how to create a yahoo mail account.

Creating an account is very easy you read the below tips on how to create a yahoo mail account.

  1. Launch any web browser and enter the url as in the url bar of your browser.
  2. Click on sign up icon below the login box. This we pop up the sign up registration page where you have to enter your user information.
  3. Enter all information in the registration page and accept the terms and conditions by checking on the box. Click on send icon to complete the sign up process.

After you have successfully created an account. Your email box we be open automatically with a welcome message from yahoo. Any feed that is been omitted may lead to an successful registration.

User we be redirected back to the registration page to complete the feed.

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