Your Page Verification | Facebook Business Page Verification | What is a Verified Page or Profile?

Your Page Verification | Facebook Business Page Verification | What is a Verified Page or Profile? – Having a Facebook business page is valuable for your business as well as getting your page verified. The Facebook business page verification increases your chances of been found easily on search results. It makes you stand out from other similar pages that seem to pretend to be yours. This is an outstanding feature that enables your page to display on most especially the first page of the search results.

Getting a Facebook business page verification can be of great assistance when it comes to building immense confidence in the hearts of your fans. Acquiring a Facebook business page verification also helps your fans of not getting duped by those pretending to be you. Moreover, it may also help in creating a better engagement with other organizations, brands, etc.

How to Get Your Facebook Business Page Verified

In getting your Facebook business page verified, your account must; stand for a registered business or a real person, be active and also exemplify a renowned entity. It is of great importance you should know that Facebook does not tolerate false information. So if you by mistake do that, your verified badge removes as well as getting an eraser of your account from its platform. To start the verification process, follow these steps:

  • On your page, go to business settings
  • Click on the option ‘Security Center’
  • Go to the business verification section
  • Click on ‘Start Verification’
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click Next
  • Select from the list of suggestions given
  • Select an option in which you can get your verification code
  • Input your verification code

Finally, you have gotten your page verified so you get to see the verified badge icon close to your Facebook page or account name on the search results or your profile. You should as well know that Facebook does not sell verified badge. So do not fall victim to such an act.

How to Add Apps to Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has lots of apps that integrate into your business page. They have uses in styling your page, making it look beautiful. They can be used in carrying out various works such as creating content and contests, promoting, running trading right on your page, incorporating e-mail and so much more. In adding apps to your Facebook business page, these steps should be followed:

  • Go to your Facebook business page
  • Click on the drop-down menu
  • Click on the edit page link
  • Then, click apps
  • Click on ‘Edit Settings’ on the app you want to add or remove
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button

Now that you’ve learned how to add and remove an app on your business page, you can explore as many apps you can so as to know which might be of great benefit to your business. also, it would be nice if eradicate any app or tab are not of use on your page.

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