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YouTube Android App Free Download – Download YouTube App – YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing services in the world. On YouTube, users can stream, share, download, and even upload their own videos. You can access YouTube on any smart device. Whether you are making use of a mobile device or a PC. Currently, the YouTube platform has more than 6 billion watch hours of videos per month.

People use this service for several reasons but majorly education and entertainment. People love YouTube a lot and visit the platform any time they want to relax and enjoy themselves. One of the most beautiful things about YouTube is the fact that people are the once who get to upload these videos. Once you have created your own YouTube channel, you can upload videos and if you meet Google’s criteria, you can monetize your videos. YouTube always gives you something to watch and you can search for videos of any kind including; tutorial videos, movies, comedy skits, Music videos, Fashion tips, etc. In fact, you can search for any kind of video just like you do on Google and you will get your result but in video format. YouTube is one way to reach out to millions of people if you are a video content creator and you want them to see your videos. People who have a channel on YouTube can get users subscribed to their channels so they get notified about any new video they release.

Not every video on YouTube is permitted for all ages especially children under the age of 13. So, there is a setting on YouTube called “Safety Mode” which limits or restrict kids from watching certain kind of videos.


How to Download YouTube App on Android

Simply follow the steps below to download the YouTube App so long as your device runs on the Android operating system.

  • Open you Google Playstore
  • With the aid of the search bar at the top of your homepage, search “YouTube”
  • Click the YouTube App
  • Click “Install”
  • Wait for the download to be complete
  • Click “Open”

To enjoy the YouTube App, you are required to have a Google account with which you sign in and it syncs all your information with the YouTube service immediately.


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