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Zoho Mail | Zoho Mail Full Review 2020 | Features of Zoho Mail – Zoho Mail is a functional online mailing service which was created to meet professional needs. Before you can gain access to the Zoho email service, you are required to sign up. That is, just like every other online mailing service, every Zoho user needs to have their own personal account. The reason Zoho Mail is targeted at professionals is because of the features it comes with. Currently, a lot of cloud services, and email services are updating their services for official purposes. Zoho as a service comes with features which help professionals with their work in terms of ease and organization.

Features of Zoho Mail

The features of this service are below:

  • IMAP access
  • POP access
  • Integration with instant messaging
  • Integration with online office suites
  • Ample storage
  • Keyboard shortcuts

How Zoho Mail Works – More Things You Need to Know

Now, the above features just give you a brief on what to expect before using the mail service. Let’s go more into details on Zoho Mail and in the end, I will show you how to sign up.

Below are more details about this service:

  • You are allowed by business hosting plans to use this mail service with email policies and domains owned by you
  • It comes with the Zoho instant messaging (chat) and for attachments can sync with Google Docs and Zoho apps
  • IMAP and POP are email services that can be used to access Zoho Mail
  • You are given 5GB Storage if you are using a free account
  • To retrieve mail from POP accounts, you can set up Zoho mail to do it for you
  • You get offered Exchange ActiveSync by some paid Zoho Mail accounts for synchronization and push email
  • Email can be answered on your behalf by the out-of-office auto-responder
  • With the use of free-form labels and folders, you can organize your mails easily
  • Your old mails are automatically archived
  • With a tree view, email conversations can be read in context
  • Outbox allows you to delay your delivery for a period of time in case you desire to unsend the mail
  • You can save your email text using Templates for re-use some other time

Sign Up for a Free Zoho Mail Account

To sign up for a free Zoho Mail account, simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch https://www.zoho.com/mail/ using your default web browser
  • Input the username you best prefer
  • Choose a password
  • Enter your name and phone number
  • Agree with the terms and conditions as you check the box
  • Click “Sign Up for Free”
  • You will receive a verification code on your device
  • Enter the verification code
  • Choose “Verify My Mobile”
  • You can set up two-factor authentication or choose to be reminded later
  • Go through the introductory video (You can skip it if you want)

You can also sign up using Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn (At the bottom of the sign-up page, you will see their icons).

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